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13th June 2005

9:56pm: iam not one to talk about my family problems but enough is enough. i also dont have anyone to talk to, well its more like i dont want to talk to anyone about it. i guess you can say iam depressed...uhh the horror.this shit has been going on for about ten years now. iam angry, at my mom. how can she be so stupid and selfish. for a while i thought it was okay. i was being understanding about the fact that she wants to spend more time with her boyfriend. after my older sister started driving she took that advantage and ran out the door. i rarely see my mom now, shes never home. days go by without me seeing her. i know what your thinking, its a good thing. more freedom for me. yeah i thought the same way for a while untile i started to miss her. ive told her off a couple of times about how shes never around. she just gets mad and leaves, again. now ive come to realize that this has affected my sisters and i, mentally. i mean what happend to me, i use to go to school all hte time, i use to care. i use to get better grades than this. i didnt know why i was doing so bad, now i know. i have no parents. they're both gone. i feel sooo sorry for my older sister. my mom has left her responisble for my little sister and i. i never realized how hard it must be on her. whatever if i continue ill burst. lates

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6th May 2005

2:41pm: a fool of everyone
iam sitting in 6th period with a bunch of JV girls all they do is talk shit,which is why iam blasting the iPod. anyways there's been so much on my mind lately; whats worse, there's been so much i have to do. i have no time what so ever for anyone, not even myslef. it makes me feel like a bad person becuase i try to make time for peeps and it turns out i skip someone then they get mad or sad, depends on the person. there just isnt enough hours in a day. i have so much to doo but no time to do it. i dont even have time to do my homework anymore. iam always soooo tierd by the end of the day, just the gym alone kills a good two hours and a half. maybe i should cut that down, but i cant. working out is so soothing. seems to me all i wanna do is sleep, but thats everybodys problem. theres always someone in my face, look at this, did you do your homework, lets hang out, come with me, pick that up, wake up, get out, make that, go there, talk to him, guess what happend, did you call your dad, come to school, go to ROP, iam sick of you,i should just move out already!, you never listen to me, your friends are always here, why dont they pick up after themselves, ur so frustrating, your a hoe, bitch, fuck you, go to hell, do you think he likes me, should i call him, call your grandmother, why dont you become a ..., marry him, your my trophy, ask your dad, he never helps us, she did it, priscilla's the worst one,you dont care about my mom,...etc. fuck you all, what about me?? the reason why someone might know what iam feeling is because i tell them, no one ever asks how i am. but i understand. everyone is selfish, including me.
whatever, i g2g. i need alone time, i dont even know myself anymore.
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26th April 2005

2:23pm: wake problem
OKAY so everybody knows i am the slowest person on this planet. IAM LATE TO EVERYTHING. no joke.
iam slow at just about everything; eating, walking, talking, listening, reading, dressing, thinking, speaking, and everything else that i cant think of cuz it takes me forever. hahah. ohh but hey dont get me wrong, just cuz i take my time for everylittle thing doesnt mean iam stupid! some people have trouble seeing the difference. getting to the subject, another one of my "priscilla problems" is wakeing up every freak'n morning. its the hardest thing to do on this planet, OMG!! its gotten so bad that i've stopped going to my zero period till just recently ( this morning, hehe) anyways the only reason why i made it to zero period today was because i accidentally ran into my zero period teacher yesterday and he called me over and he asked me why i dont come to class ( iam a good girl, i sware!)so i said, " ohhh well, umm i try to i sware. really i do" and its true i do try. i have three alarm clocks; my phone, my clock, and my television. pathetic i know, none of them can wake me up. so he offered to call me every morning to wake me up. :D :D
its so weird but it works i love it! haha, i love you mr. venir!
well, thats my story of the day. tOodles, MUAHH!

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11th April 2005

2:51am: pooooor jingerly
its sunday morning, jingerly calls me and asks if i wanna go running/hiking at griffith park. i say yes. it was jingerly merabel, my sister angela, and i that went. knowing us crazy peeps wanting an adventure got LOST FOR THREE HOURS at griffith. it was horride, i was gonna passout literally. shheeesh. finally we make it back to our car after getting off road and trails. so everythings fine rite, we all go home shower do our thing then we went to my little step cuzins b day party and i took jingerly with me. so we're sitting around when jingerly starts to complian about how she thinks something bit her on her shoulders. i paid little attention untile she couldnt control the itch. so i said okay let me look at it. WOW, it was sooo bad. i couldnt tell what did htat to her adn while time passed it started to spread. it was all over her back, neck, andit started moving into her stomach. i tried everything from ice to lemon and finally anit-itch cream. nothing seemed to work, it jsut kept spreading. so i told my mom, she said to go to hte emergency room, so they picked her up and when i called her later on she was already asleep and her brother told me she got poison ive :(:/:(
get well soon jingerly
and as for griffith park, NEVER AGIAN.

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2:28am: yesterday.
yesterday my sister, nikki, jingerly, and i were so bored that we decided to drive down to city walk and waste our money. little did we know we were in for blast. okay so first we walk around and sneak some candy from sparky's (shhhh, you know we all do it). afterwards we went to that popcorn store and bought a regular sized popcorn, the guy at the cashier gave us $5 extra in change. hehe what an idiot but thanks! Finally, but most importantly we went to tony romas where our day was made. i dont know if it was the popcorn and candy but it sure got us hyper. and when i say hyper OMG i mean HYPER! you should have seen us four. all of us were cracking up non stop for like the 3 hours we spent at tony's. it all started with a dare. we dared my sister to walk over to the table across from us and take the corn because it looked like it hadent been touched ( we even recorded it)okay so she does it and once she touches it she screams. i dont know why she did but she did, and it was loud! so we order our food, it took FOREVER for out food to get to the table and throughout that time we fooled around and cracked up some more. so finally our food arives, its COLD, and DRY. iam like WTH!!! so we complained to the waiter and he siad "iam sorry the only way we can warm you food up is through the microwave,and i dont want to microwave your food" (by the way he was cute too) okay so my sister and i decide to get our food microwaved and when he came back he says, " yeah your food was cold" i dont know how he knew it was cold. that s what we were wondering, what if he put his finger in it. lol who knows. anyways, he's the best part, he offers dessert, on the house! NIKKI, jumps up saying YESYES. lol. dessert was good and by that time we had out food put in boxes to take home(i htink all that laughing made us lose our appitaites. okay to my point, rite before we leave NIKKI!! asks the him if he wants to take a picture with us, he says yes. so we stand up to take our picture and he asks "are you guys from california?" we burst out laughing, even he was laughing. so to make a joke out of asking if we were from cali we throw up the korea peace signs. lol fun times but we ended up forgetting out food and they threw it away by hte time we got the guts to go back in and ask for it. hehehe, lol. so yeah. that was saturday.
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7th April 2005

3:01pm: alrite!!
okay sooooo, i dont really have anything to write about. margaretis making me write.
ummm lets see, well iam at skool rite now, 6th period cheer and i just got back from starbucks, i ditched. hehe. i was with JP and he let me drive, i thought that was awesome cuz he doesnt let anyone drive his car.
changing the subject; iam so bored with life rite about now. nothing seems to be interesting, i do the same thing everyday AND iam grounded.uhHH watta blow. i need adventure, really i do. i cant wait till i get my wings so i can just fly away. ism also lonely, no boyfriend. and i hate dating, its so annoying.
i perfer being alone than to date. iam just gonna sit back and let love find me,iam tierd of looking, its nnot working.
well thats all i have to say, now iam gonna sign off and continue with my lonely boring life, doing the same thing everyday.
i hope spring break is better than this week cuz wow, this week blows.

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24th March 2005

4:34pm: my first entry on this thing.

lifes been pretty fair. over the weekend, i watched the ring 2 with jingerly, lezlie, nikki, margaret, and my sisters. not that bad of a movie i must say. so after, we all went to my house and got bored. danced to margaritas music on her ipod and had a decent time. most everyone left and margaret invited me to go with her somewhere. so i snuck out, assuming that i wouldnt get caught. i was shitting bricks the whole time while i was walking out the door. but i made it out safe, until my sister called margaret looking for me later in the night. that was a huge trip. i got into a lot of trouble and my sister hated margaret. thank god she didnt say anything to my mom though, or that wouldve been worst. margaret ended up apologizing to angela and she forgave her. uhmm, im never sneaking out again. haha.

ill update later..


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13th January 2005

9:12pm: hellooo !

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